Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Toddler Activity Bags

I've been looking for some more self-directed activities for my toddler to keep her occupied while I'm nursing the baby. I've been leaning on the TV a bit more than I'd like, so I needed some other ideas.

I was inspired by the Double Trouble Shapes preschooler idea on Walking By the Way, but needed something a bit simpler for my 2 year old. I also needed something thrifty, of course!

Here is what I came up with.

Matching Board

I bought a Shapes workbook at the dollar store and cut out 2 sets of matching shapes.

I then wrapped some cardboard from an old box in construction paper, and taped on one set of shapes.

I covered the second set of shapes in tape as well, so they are similar to being laminated.

I actually made 2 sets of these, just one set is shown in the picture.

Stick both boards and the loose shapes in a plastic bag, and everything is contained and ready for play!

Counting Board
As with the Matching Boards above, I wrapped leftover cardboard in construction paper.

Then I used stickers and pictures from a dollar store Numbers activity book to make the board.

I have 2 boards, one is 1-4 and the other is 5-8. I'd like to do 9-12 eventually, but I think this is enough to get started.

I plan to add some velcro dots to the board and pieces so that my daughter can match up her pieces without everything sliding around.

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Mozer said...

What an excellent idea! Love it.

Melissa said...

This is a great idea! I am going to do something similar for my 2-year-olds...thanks for the inspiration!

Lainie said...

What a nifty idea. Keep them coming!

Eden said...

Try mounting these to the inside of a file folder. Glue an envelope to the other half of the inside to put the pieces in. If you laminate it, slice along envelope opening to be able to use it. This helps keep everything together and easy to store.

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