Monday, July 20, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

We've had a rough week at my house. We're transitioning our toddler to her big-girl bed and our baby to her crib, and neither of them is happy about it!

My meal plan didn't go quite as planned last week, but we did pretty well in not just throwing up our hands and ordering take-out after days with crabby, non-napping kids!

Here is what I have on tap. Wish us luck for a smoother week!

Squash & Feta Pasta

Black Beans & Rice (crockpot) - carryover from last week
Quinoa in the Crockpot
Avocado & Cream Cheese Sandwiches - (I plan to make these like paninis on my Foreman grill) with a side of baked potatoes

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Becca said...

Wow, I had never thought to combine avocado and cream cheese. They don't seem like foods that would go together. I'll have to try it.

Your Frugal Friend, Niki said...

How did the avocado paninis turn out? They sound divine!


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