Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Living in a frugal way

If you read the news, you may have the impression that this country is in a self-inflicted downward economic spiral from which there is no escape. You may think that there's no good news, and that we're all getting our just desserts from years of living beyond our means.

In reality, there are many, many people in this country (and, I'm sure, around the world) who are spending less than they earn and doing it with pleasure. They've been doing it through the economic boom years and will continue to do it through the "Great Recession" and beyond.

Living frugally isn't a gimmick and it isn't a short-term solution. It's a long term lifestyle that puts the focus on what's really important: family, home and time.

I've been introduced to the wider frugal living subculture as I document my family's frugal lifestyle on this blog.

If you are living on less, by choice or by necessity, realize that there are many others doing the same, with a cheerful attitude and a pleasure in the things that money can't buy!

Here are some of my favorite resources on frugal living. I hope you enjoy them!

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Amy Lynne said...

I agree with you! We are choosing to cut back and shop second hand because it makes more sense than going out and buying something new at the regular stores. We have always been bargain shoppers, now we're having even more fun trying to get the most for our money.

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