Thursday, July 23, 2009

Everything in moderation

I don't normally post about my grocery store trips and savings, mostly because I'm too lazy to lay everything out on the table before putting it away!

This week, I'd like to make an exception and talk about my grocery store trip. We didn't need much for our menu plan , and I could have easily gotten away with a $25 shopping trip rather than our $50 budget.

In our home, we had a tough week last week. We're trying to transition our kids to a big girl bed and crib, respectively, and it hasn't gone well.

The kids are cranky from not sleeping. My husband and I worn out from having cranky kids. Losing our "down time" of a couple hours while the kids are napping has really got us on edge.

So this week, I loosened the purse strings on my shopping trip. I bought more convenience foods and treats than I normally do. The crackers, pretzels and cheese sticks will make snack times and meals quicker and easier for us.

The treats for mom and dad are just that-- treats that we don't normally get like Pop Tarts & ice cream.

I still managed to spend just $43 and will save the remaining $7 to put toward stocking up on a few things at Harris Teeter's Super Doubles this coming week.

While the rule of the day in our house is thrift and frugality, there are times when it is OK to go a little easier and cut ourselves a break. This is one of those weeks! This is the week for frugality in moderation.

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